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PIRS recognizes that many immigrant and refugee women live communities that are not easily accessible by transit or would rather accommodate the needs of their families by participating in activities close to their homes. We respond to these barriers by bringing our services to remote neighbourhoods. Aside from making our services inclusive, this allows us to collaborate with our partners.

The PIRS model of integrated, radically de-centred service provision is delivered through a network of community partnerships.


BC Council for Families
Burnaby Neighbourhood House
Burnaby School District/Edmonds School
Cedar Cottage Neighborhood House
Chaplain Community Centre Association
Champlain Heights Community Centre
The Children’s Foundation
Collingwood Neighbourhood House
Collingwood Neighbourhood School
Edmonds Community School
Family Services of Greater Vancouver
Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House
Immigrant Services Society of BC
Moberly Elementary School
Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House
Muslim Association of Canada/Vancouver
Pierre Trudeau Elementary School
South Hill Neighbourhood Centre
South Vancouver Family Place
Stride Avenue Community School
Tecumseh Elementary School
Vancouver Community College
Vancouver School Board
Watari Counselling & Support Services

Coalition and Networks

  • Burnaby Intercultural Planning Table
  • Family Initiatives CAPC Coalition
  • Vancouver Immigration Partnership
  • Vancouver Literacy Tables