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We are a dedicated group of women as diverse as the community we serve. Along with our different languages and backgrounds, we also offer our expertise, professionalism, and the commitment to change the lives of every woman who avail our services.

Mariam Bouchoutrouch, Executive Director
Mariam Bouchoutrouch is delighted to work at PIRS where she was a volunteer in the early 1990’s. An immigrant herself, Mariam has over 25 years of experience working in community, with immigrant and refugee women and children. Mariam is fascinated by languages and cultures and loves to practice her French, Spanish and Mandarin on unwary visitors. She enjoys skiing, camping, kayaking and spending time with her family.
Diana Jefries, Education and Training Manager
Diana Jeffries worked at PIRS as an EAL instructor, a co-facilitator with Dr. Amea Wilbur on trauma informed and inclusion in EAL workshops and she continues her role as the Instructional Coordinator and Training Manager for PIRS. Diana’s work has been published numerous times in the settlement sector and she continues to facilitate workshops, develop curricula, write and research to produce trauma informed resources and guides for teachers and other practitioners in the immigrant and refugee sector in Canada.
Marcela Mancilla-Fuller, Program Manager
Marcela has extensive experience working in the settlement sector. She holds a bachelor degree in Business Administration, a Non-Profit Management Diploma and has taken a variety of Leadership and Strategic Planning trainings. Marcela has a long history with PIRS. When she arrived from Mexico, she participated in our LEAD and Building Bridges programs. She went on to join our Board of Directors for five years. She is a very passionate and energetic person, enjoys outdoor activities, reading and spending time with her family.
Ana Machado Padilla, Children’s Program Coordinator
Ana came to Canada from Peru 12 years ago. She is a registered psychologist working with families in clinical, educational and community areas. She developed three community programs for families and children and taught for many years at the university in Peru. Since she arrived to Canada, she has been working in non-profit organizations with immigrants, refugees and high risk families providing support, guidance and facilitating parenting sessions. She enjoys playing squash, being in contact with nature, walking and travelling.
Maliha Mayeed, Office Administrator
Maliha moved to Canada from Bangladesh 15 years ago and settled in Vancouver.  She started working with non-profits right from the beginning. Prior to coming to Canada, Maliha has a Masters in Geography and a career in teaching and research. In Canada, she has mostly worked with immigrants; she also taught in Africa as a Canadian government overseas development support. At PIRS, she enjoys working with people from different cultures, learning and sharing experiences, and supporting the empowerment of immigrant women. She loves painting, reading, travelling and spending time with her family.