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PIRS provides a number of programs and services that support immigrant women and their young children to learn and practice English, make friends, gain self-confidence, and to learn more about Canadian society as they explore and celebrate our diversity.

PIRS program participants are women and children learning English together. Whether newcomers or long-term residents, they are women who are ready to become fully participating members of their society. Through our programs, our participants learn about their communities, their country, and themselves. From our Storytime for moms and tots (hyper link) to our more structured ESL classroom-based program for women, PIRS provides a foundation for English language learners to embrace the community around them.

PIRS provides English language (ESL) instruction to women in a number of different formats – with a current focus on English language classes taught by learning Canadian parenting skills ESL Parenting. Our classes are designed to take women from basic literacy all the way to the intermediate ESL levels needed to make the all-important connections to other community agencies and services.

PIRS also provides Women’s Development Programs designed to extend the learning of English into the acquisition of community-based self-development and leadership skills. By providing facilitated group learning, our LEAD (Leadership Education and Development) Program gives new English-speakers a thoughtful next step out of isolation and into their community. Classes and guest speakers explore topics such as Canadian Government, Health Care, and Volunteerism.

The Building Bridges program takes this process further by enhancing group skills in a safe environment, including a 20-hour practicum placement in a community service of the participant’s choosing.

All of our daytime classes include free childminding that provides a stimulating environment and a program of child development and school readiness. Our children’s programs provide an opportunity for mothers and their young children to learn together in a setting that encourages a love of learning both in and out of the classroom.

To view our program schedules visit our PIRS Program Calendar.