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Our mission is to empower immigrant and refugee women and children to fully participate in Canadian life through neighbourhood-based programs.

Our vision is a society that values the diverse contributions of immigrants and refugees and promotes the enrichment of their lives.

Our values as developed by staff, volunteers and program participants over the years:

  • PIRS provides services to immigrant and refugees that respect their ethnic backgrounds and their settlement and integration needs.
  • PIRS finds strength and motivation in diversity and works to maintain that strength in the organization and the people with whom we work.
  • PIRS reaches out to the most barriered and vulnerable immigrants and refugees to support them to make a successful transition into life in a new land.
  • PIRS put volunteerism at the core of all we do. By engaging new and native-born Canadians with opportunities to contribute to society, we enhance both cultural integration and cultural understanding.
  • PIRS is accountable. We welcome the world to visit and review our work to see its value and effectiveness.
  • PIRS is committed to working in collaboration with our partners, knowing that we are stronger together in providing transformative services to immigrants and refugees.