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We created the Afghan Women Fund to provide crucial aid to refugees in Canada. Help us deliver accessible trauma-informed programs to these families.

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PIRS has established the Afghan Women’s Fund to provide trauma-informed and culturally appropriate support to Afghan women and their children in our community. 

As of December 1, 2023, more than 43,000 Afghans have arrived in Canada since August 2021. Among them, over 4,000 have settled in Metro Vancouver, with the majority being women and children.

Large populations of children arriving require childcare and/or education. Meanwhile, refugee women arrive and find themselves without local support systems, facing inaccessible and expensive childcare, and are already at a disadvantage in terms of literacy and English language proficiency.

Without access to childcare and resources, women miss out on orientation services and personal and professional opportunities that are necessary for their transition into Canadian life and their sense of belonging and agency.

At PIRS, we understand the challenges of newcomer women, and we want to help newcomer women thrive in their transition to Canadian life.

Since August 2021, PIRS has supported 114 Afghan women and their families. Through their participation in PIRS programs, they have developed skills, acquired knowledge, established social connections, and accessed resources to thrive in Canada. Our Dari/Pashto-speaking Outreach Support Worker, herself from Afghanistan, has provided culturally responsive personalized support and peer mentorship to help women navigate social systems and access services for themselves and their families.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all donors for their invaluable support. Your generosity has enabled us to offer more trauma-informed English classes for women and their children, deliver culturally relevant mental health support, and provide accessible childcare at locations where newcomers will be oriented or housed. The Afghan Women Fund will remain open, and we wholeheartedly welcome continued donations to sustain and expand our impactful initiatives. Thank you for being integral to the positive change we are striving to bring about.

Read about inspiring stories like Wazhma’s, From Afghanistan to Canada: Wazhma’s Journey to Rebuild Her Life. 

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