Celebrating Childcare Month: Spotlight on Building a Childcare System That Works for Immigrant and Refugee Women Video Series

Picture a world where childcare is universally accessible, inclusive, and affordable. This Childcare Month, we’re taking a step closer to that vision by presenting an insightful video series that navigates through the often-unseen obstacles within the childcare system.

This series is brought to you by the passionate and inspiring members of the Childcare Leadership Group (CLG). It aims to shed light on the unique challenges immigrant and refugee women face within the Canadian childcare system. The overarching goal is to support the creation of a universal childcare system that is inclusive, affordable, and accessible to all.

The video series offers three compelling episodes, each exploring the various experiences and challenges that immigrant and refugee women face within the childcare system.

Episode 1: Navigating Access to Childcare 

Hear from CLG members as they delve into the essential role of childcare in social and economic infrastructure. This episode highlights the real-life impact of childcare access barriers, particularly on immigrant and refugee families, who often struggle to enter the workforce or pursue further education without reliable childcare.

Episode 2: Immigrant Women in the Childcare Workforce 

Experience a day in the life of an immigrant childcare worker. This episode focuses on the often-overlooked, yet crucial, roles immigrant women play in our childcare system and emphasizes the importance of care and education, as well as better work conditions for childcare professionals. 

Episode 3: Defining Quality: Hopes for the Future

What does quality childcare mean? This episode explores the need for flexible childcare options as well as cultural sensitivity and awareness as integral elements of quality childcare.

This video series is part of the Building a Childcare System that Works for Immigrant and Refugee Women project. This is a 2.5-year-long initiative by PIRS, generously funded by Women and Gender Equality Canada. The project is a feminist response to the impacts of COVID-19, aiming for systemic changes in the childcare sector.

The Childcare Leadership Group, at the heart of this project, is a dynamic team of immigrant and refugee women. They share first-hand experiences with the childcare system, as caregivers, parents, advocates, and childcare professionals. The CLG tirelessly works towards raising awareness about systemic barriers in the childcare sector, while advocating for solutions grounded in inclusion, accessibility, gender equity, and anti-racism.

Join us as we continue to learn, grow, and work together to create a future where every child has access to quality, inclusive, and affordable childcare. We invite you to share these videos within your network, sparking meaningful conversations. If you feel moved by the work, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Childcare Leadership Group for further discussions and potential collaborations. Together, we can make a difference!