“Follow What Lifts Your Spirit!” Advice for women in the nonprofit space

PIRS’ Executive Director, Mariam Bouchoutrouch shared some beautiful insights for women in the nonprofit sector, about the importance of commitment and self-compassion.

What is one piece of advice you would give to women passionate about starting out in the non profit space?

2022-04-05_Mariam Bouchoutrouch

“Working in the nonprofit space requires commitment to making a positive contribution to society. It’s crucial to know what change you want to make, and you will find a cause that speaks to you and an environment and community of like-minded people.

Especially in the nonprofit sector, women can tend to undersell ourselves and burn out for causes and people we care deeply about. However, it’s important to demonstrate compassion to ourselves, accountability in listening to our own needs, and the courage to communicate boundaries and stand up for ourselves–just as we would treat those we help.
By doing so, we can take care of our community better and fully experience the nourishment and wealth that working in the nonprofit space can provide us. Follow what lifts up your spirit!” – Mariam Bouchoutrouch

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