Great Canadian Giving Challenge

This June, your donation can go so much further! Because the more you give, the more chances PIRS has to receive an additional $20,000 through the Great Canadian Giving Challenge: 

Over its 45 year history, PIRS has worked to break down barriers for more than 30,000 newcomer women and their families. And our programs are often the turning point for many who are new to Canada and looking for support, connection, and mentorship.

As the primary caregivers in their households, women are the centre of their families. Most often, the challenge of community integration rests on their shoulders and their health and happiness affects the wellbeing of the whole family.

Huda Allany (pictured right) is just one of our many success stories. After finding her passion for promoting social support and belonging, she’s been using the skills acquired in the Building Bridges program to make a positive difference in the lives of other immigrant and refugee women as a PIRS Outreach Support Worker.

“The program is as diverse as Canada,” says Huda. “It was for me the first window of social life in Canada. We learned and shared experiences. I continued my relationship with PIRS as an ambassador, as well as a volunteer with other organizations. And now I’m working with PIRS as an Outreach Support Worker. I am very grateful to be a part of this wonderful organization and its outstanding staff.”

Concepcion Esperanza came to Vancouver from Singapore in 2010. She applied for the PIRS Mobile Chidcare program and was thrilled to be selected out of 300 applicants. She said “the program is very helpful for immigrant women who love to work with young children but do not have the resources to earn the necessary certificates”. She graduated from the first cohort of the childcare training program in February 2019 and after working part time for PIRS, now works in the Fraser Montessori Child Care Centre in New Westminster.