Help for Afghan Women

PIRS is gravely concerned about the developing situation in Afghanistan where the Taliban is currently in control of two-thirds of the country. This is a devastating blow to human rights, peace, and democracy, and particularly to the rights of women and girls. As an organization serving immigrant and refugee women and their children, we applaud Minister Trudeau’s announcement that Canada will open its doors to 20,000 Afghan refugees fleeing violence and are committed to ensuring that they are welcomed into our communities.

We anticipate increasing our outreach support and setting up relief kits, including access to food, clothing, and other basic needs. We welcome your support and have set up a special fund towards this purpose with the goal of raising $50,000. This will support more than 50 new families, and you can contribute to this fund here:

For Afghani women currently living in Greater Vancouver, feel free to connect with Zarmina Ali at for community support.

Art by Shamsia Hassani
Art by Shamsia Hassani

PIRS staff and volunteers made 30 origami cranes representing peace and gifted them to Afghan families at our food hub in Burnaby located at Journey Home Community.