Help us address food insecurity in the newcomer community

110 PIRS families receive weekly food support from our two Food Hub locations, in Vancouver and Burnaby. This is Isabel’s story…

Isabel is a single mom. After working hard to get ahead, she decided to start her own cleaning business. But at the start of the pandemic, she lost most of her clients, and her source of income disappeared. Isabel and her son, 11-year old Giovanni, were referred to our food hub shortly after, by Giovanni’s school.

Isabel said, “by receiving the food basket each week, I’m sure that Giovanni eats the necessary nutrients because it covers all the food groups.”

Giovanni loves to cook, and every week, he sends us pictures of the meals he makes. Below is one of his culinary creations:


His mother added, “thanks to your help with food, I can use the money I have to pay our rent.”

Apart from nutritious fruit and veggies, Isabel and Giovanni also receive a sense of security and belonging. They know they can count on us for support to navigate this long crisis.

Our staff and volunteers keep in touch with each family, helping them source essential items as needed, to navigate the crisis. This increased outreach support is essential for many newcomer mothers, especially for families with limited English proficiency, for whom phone calls, complicated forms, and online procedures are barriers to accessing much-needed resources.

Your donation can help us reach more families in need, and make sure they have what they need to survive the hard months ahead.