Learn Through Play: Anna’s Pop-Up Childcare Story

“Painting, creating, and playing give children, especially those who have experienced trauma, the chance to express themselves in creative ways. They don’t feel pressured or judged. When children paint, it shows us how they feel, and sometimes, they will start talking about how they feel.”

– Chelsea, PIRS Pop-Up Childcare Worker
Hand-painting Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer

Before the break, our teachers provided materials with different textures for our children to feel and explore. Anna decorated her Christmas tree amongst other activities, like learning letters through tracing and cutting them out.

We also read a storybook and discussed healthy eating habits. The teacher brought examples of healthy veggies and fruits and invited them to create stamps and prints out of the fresh produce. 

Anna’s mom told us when Anna heard a boy using bad words, she told the boy, “My teacher said we need to use nice words.” Her mom was very suprised and proud and told us Anna is always excited to for our childminding program.