Learning Journeys is not the finished piece, but the process of creating

Learning Journeys is pleased to introduce their newest partner, Njoki Mbũrũ, who is writing a series of blogs that capture the essence of a 2-year long journey:

Njoki Mbũrũ

Learning Journeys is like a garment; a complete and comprehensible creation formed from the union of individual strands. The strands by themselves do not form the garment unless there are people who use their imagination, creativity, and skills to design, measure, sew and present the garment. In a well-finished piece, it is almost impossible to tell where one strand begins and where it ends… Learning Journeys is not the finished piece, but the process of creating.

The first blog, titled “The Leaning Journeys Story”, presents the essence of what Learning Journeys has been doing for the past 2 years, weaving facts with poetry. We invite people invested in this work, and anyone interested in getting more detailed and thoughtful information about this project, to slow down and sit with Njoki’s words. This is a complex journey, and the goal is to present you with its undistilled essence.

Please grab a hot beverage and enjoy this thought-provoking reading: https://learningjourneys.wixsite.com/learningjourneys/post/the-learning-journeys-story (link no longer available)