Leadership Expansion And Development (LEAD)



We welcome newcomer, immigrant and refugee women who are interested to focus on self-development, build leadership skills, re/gain confidence in creating connections and support networks, and become active participants as well as leaders in their community.

Why join

PIRS LEAD program is designed to help you: 

  • Develop confidence in your ability to participate in an English speaking Canadian context 
  • Develop positive self-expression and self-care strategies to support your personal development
  • Practice and improve assertive communication and leadership skills grounded in the principles of diversity, inclusion and social justice
  • Strengthen goal setting skills
  • Build connections and support networks
  • Create a roadmap to get involved in the community in a way that is meaningful and relevant for you

Who it’s for

This program is best suited for immigrant and refugee women with lower Intermediate level English (CLB 5 – 6) and an interest in personal development and community-based leadership.

The program has no immigration status restrictions and is open to women with any status (for example, temporary visitor, refugee claimant, permanent resident, citizen).

How to apply

To register for this program, please contact us using one of these ways:


Email: womenleadership@pirs.bc.ca

Or use the form below.

Leadership Expansion And Development Inquiry Form

Apply: Leadership Program (womenleadership@pirs.bc.ca)