Nobody’s Perfect

Children playing with bubbles


Nobody’s Perfect is a parenting program. We welcome immigrant and refugee parents and their young children ages 0-5 to share questions, concerns and ideas, and discover positive ways of parenting.

Why join

Nobody’s Perfect program is designed to help you:

  • Meet with other parents of young children
  • Share questions, concerns and ideas about being parents 
  • Learn about child development, health and behaviour 
  • Discuss real-life parenting situations
  • Discover positive ways of parenting

Program offers:

  • Childcare for children ages 18 months – 5 years 
  • Bus tickets
  • Learning materials
  • Healthy snacks

Who it’s for

This program is for immigrant and refugee parents or caregivers with children ages 0-5.

The program has no immigration status restrictions and is open to women with any status (for example, temporary visitor, refugee claimant, permanent resident, citizen).

How to apply

To register for this program, please contact us using one of these ways:



Phone: 604-298-5888

Or use the form below.

Nobody’s Perfect Inquiry Form

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