Fun and educational child care by professional caregivers, wherever and whenever it’s needed

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What is Pop-Up Child Care?

Pop-Up Child Care provides on-demand, on-site, child care services by trained caregivers. Child care is available for children from 16 months up to school age at accessible prices and available indoors or outside.

What are the benefits of on-site child care?

Reducing barriers

Providing on-site child care makes it easier for parents to participate and engage with your event, service, or business.

Better attendance

When parents can bring their children along, it’s more likely they’ll attend events, services, or businesses and stay longer.

Improved relationships

Considering the child care needs of parents fosters trust and stronger relationships with your customers, clients, or audience.

Community building

When children play with each other during child care, their parents get to know one another too, encouraging a community to develop around your organization.

How it works

Serving businesses, non-profits, events, and more!


Reach Out

Fill out our online Booking Request form with the information you have.



We will contact you to organize the next steps.



Leave it to our team to take care of childminding set-up, activities, staffing, and clean up for your booking.

What people say

“The gala night is our busiest, fastest-moving, and most important night of the year for us, and we felt completely supported and comfortable knowing that childminding was covered. The space looked beautiful and so, so fun for the kiddos to enjoy.”

Emily Chan,
BC Child Youth Advocacy Coalition

“[the child minder] was amazing. She showed up early, was well prepared, and helped in setting up and winding down.”

Rahila Ansari,
Immigrant Services Society of BC

“Supporting newcomers in creating a space for their careers to blossom is amazing work being provided by PIRS’ Pop Up Child Care.”

Honorio JP Guerro,
KIWASSA Neighbourhood House

Women In A Line

Child care with heart and spirit

Pop-Up Child Care is a social enterprise launched by the Pacific Immigrant Resource Society (PIRS). This program provides immigrant and refugee women with child care training and employment while also addressing the national childcare shortage.