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Learning Journeys

This two-year project looks at the experience of immigrant and refugee women as they settle into their new home. It seeks to increase knowledge about immigrant women’s unique needs, strengths, challenges, and goals within the context of settlement programming. Moreover, it engages stakeholders in developing service delivery models or interventions that better support immigrant women in their goals related to economic, social and/or community participation.

Our activities in this project include:

  • Ethnographic Research;
  • Learning Labs, Learning Fairs, and Learning Exchanges;
  • A Design Phase;
  • The formulation of an Immigrant Women Advisory Group; and,
  • A Pilot Project.

On March 31st of 2021, the Learning Journeys project officially came to a close. As we enter our next phase of learning in place through the Unpacking Greatness initiative, we are excited to share some of the themes and stories that have emerged from this project.

To hear the stories of women who participated in this project, please visit our Learning Journeys’ facebook page or website.