Celebrate International Women’s Day with Stories of Childcare in BC

Celebrate March 8th with us by watching the above film, Stories and Experiences of Immigrant Women and Childcare in BC: A PIRS Learning Journeys project by and with immigrant women.

This film highlights access to quality, affordable childcare as a major integration barrier for immigrant and refugee women. When newcomer women don’t have access to quality, affordable childcare, they lose opportunities to further their education, gain meaningful employment and contribute their strengths and skills to Canadian society.

We ask that you consider how you might best share this important film with your network. Perhaps you might consider showing the film to open any events you have planned in March around International Women’s Day, or, as we emerge over the coming months, to help highlight the impact of the pandemic on women, and how childcare is a crucial part of our recovery.

Thank you in advance for helping us share this video, and for your continued support.