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Ukraine Crisis Fund

Imagine facing winter with no running water, unreliable electricity, and insecure fuel for heat. All of this while living in terror from ‘kamikaze’ drone attacks. As the invasion of Ukraine continues to progress, many people are left without a home and over three million have had to flee their homeland, and start over in a new country! 

British Columbia is expected to receive approximately 17 to 20 percent of the 106,000 Ukrainians headed to Canada – that is just over 21,000 people – mostly women and children. Many speak little to no English, and exhibit signs of PTSD. They have limited access to resources such as housing, childcare and more. This means that many women and children will be relying on communities for support. 

What can we do to welcome them?


PIRS is ramping up to provide a warm welcome to new arrivals from Ukraine.

To date, we have provided vital support to 12 families from Ukraine, offering help with individual needs and navigating unfamiliar systems and employment. We have distributed donations of clothes, food, gift cards, bus tickets, and household items. Our Outreach Support Worker provided translation services, shared resources, and supported their mental health while building trusting relationships. Women from these families have been welcomed to join our low barrier English classes, and their young children have been provided with care while mothers are in class.

With your help we can do more! This winter consider donating to help those who have been displaced by the invasion of Ukraine.

Together, we can help change lives!

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