Warm-up a newcomer family’s winter!

This year has been a whirlwind… But it has also shown us the power of community! For months now, we’ve had to keep each other safe, to look out for one another.

PIRS too has been keeping the pulse on the community of immigrant and refugee women that we serve and trying our hardest to make sure nobody falls through the cracks. What we’ve found is that, for newcomer mothers with young children, yesterday’s burden can turn into an emergency in the blink of an eye. And this winter will be particularly hard.

This Holiday Season, we are raising $45,000 to make sure immigrant women don’t fall through the cracks! Now more than ever, our participants need support to cope and navigate the difficult months ahead. As the second COVID wave hits, pandemic anxiety and financial insecurity are increasing. PIRS is ensuring newcomer women and their families have what they need.

Here is some of what we are doing:

  • Addressing the increased isolation, disconnection, and stress faced by newcomer families, especially those struggling with disabilities and low-literacy.
  • Offering emergency food support, to help newcomer families put nutritious, healthy produce on the table.
  • Breaking barriers for newcomer and racialized women, and increasing access to community support.

As the holidays approach, please continue to protect the ones you love. Physical distancing doesn’t mean we can’t connect. And please share this with your own circles, and help us raise enough money to make sure no child goes hungry this winter, and no mother is left struggling in silence.

Now is the time to give back and warm-up a newcomer family’s winter!