What We Do

Pacific Immigrant Resources Society (PIRS) supports immigrant and refugee women and children to become active participants in Canadian society. 

We offer programs and services that help women meet their basic needs, improve their English, gain knowledge and skills needed to thrive, and guide them to become leaders in the community.

Group of women sitting on a couch

Newcomer Support

We tailor our programs to empower immigrant and refugee women and children: English and food programs, parenting workshops, and education bursaries.

Women’s Leadership and Training

We offer leadership development, advocacy training, and personal growth opportunities for immigrant and refugee women to succeed in Canada.

Social Innovation and System Change

We involve immigrant and refugee women in the design and implementation of programs to create meaningful and lasting change.

Trauma-Informed Training for Service Providers

We provide customized workshops, webinars, and resource guides on trauma-informed practice in settlement and social service organizations.