Where are they now? Marialejandra’s impressive career development story

Building Bridges is a program offered by PIRS that aims to provide immigrant women with the skills for their future career plans. Beyond her long list of acquired skills, Marialejandra gained a deeper understanding of the struggles of fellow immigrant women face in our society. This has been a source of further inspiration for her. Marialejandra shares her impressive career development with the help of her hard work and the support of the friends she has fostered throughout the program:

“I am about to start using my favorite skills to make a living while working in the field that attracts me the most (Social services). I am on the path to fulfilling my intention of working with a purpose.

Building Bridges was a valuable experience that expanded me in a professional and personal way.

One of the experiences that I value the most was the opportunity to strengthen my confidence as a facilitator in a safe and encouraging environment. The sessions provided me new tools to boost my facilitation skills, and learning how to use them in this new multicultural environment. Furthermore, It was an effective way to practice and improve my English skills, which lead me to feel confident enough to start considering using my Facilitator-coach background as a working option in Canada.

On a personal level, this program led me to develop a deep sense of belonging by building new relationships and friendships with participants, mentors, and PIRS staff who have become a constant source of support that has made easier my adaptation into this new country. In addition, Building Bridges expanded my awareness about the universe of opportunities around that are available to support me to achieve my professional goals. During and after the program I was connected with opportunities of networking, resources, services, volunteering, and even employment. At this moment I just got an attractive job offer which has been possible thanks to the skills, confidence and work experience that came with Building Bridges. It has been nice to feel that I am not alone in this journey.

I am also especially thankful for the opportunity through Building Bridges to learn about the achievements and struggles that we as women are facing around the world. The interactions with my peer BB participants, as well as some women related events were a source of inspiration and motivation to decide working to address the inequities that women are facing around the world, and being part of initiatives aiming to create more opportunities to women so we all can use our full potential to create well being.

Looking forward that more women can enjoy the many benefits of Building Bridges.”

Marialejandra’s experience embodies some of the learning opportunities that Building Bridges offers, such as Direction and Work on Purpose. In continuing our mission to empower immigrant and refugee women, we offer such programs to make this vision into reality.  

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