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The Pathways to Childcare Careers Program is accepting applications now!

This free occupation-specific English training is ideal for newcomer women interested in entering the early learning and childcare field. Through the 14-week program, participants with intermediate level English (CLB 5) practice and develop their English language skills, gain childcare training with a trauma-informed approach, and develop pre-employment skills (e.g. interview preparedness and resume writing). The program includes 4 weeks of paid work experience. 

View our program flyer for more information.

Click here to register online before May 8, 2023.

Reserve your spot now – space is limited to 16 participants only!

Please note that some work placements will require a proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

Program Goals

  • To support the ongoing improvement of women’s intermediate English skills with a focus on oral communication, childcare vocabulary, child care regulations, job search, and family daycare business model.
  • To build awareness and connections to available community resources so immigrant and refugee women can learn and access successfully the services they need to secure employment in the childcare industry.
  • To provide information, tools, and to develop skills to support women’s successful pursuit of employment and/or educational opportunities.

“Each one of you has made it possible for me to go back to work after six years of loneliness. Thank you for all that you do for immigrant women and families.” ~ Mamata Misquitta, a past Pathways participant