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Children & Family Programs

The process of settlement can be traumatic and parents themselves may not feel safe, secure and confident in their new community. It is therefore crucial that any support nurtures the parent’s sense of self-efficacy and confidence, and reduces their isolation in order to support the early development of their children. Our play-based, trauma-informed approach led by qualified staff follows best practices in the field, with the goal of helping children become ready for school in Canada.

Our Family Programs are safe and warm places for everyone to learn and grow through play, art, science, songs, and stories. They provide a chance for mothers, grandmothers, aunts and family caretakers to learn along with their young children and to find out more about the Canadian approach.

Home Visiting Program

The Home Visiting Program is a structured home-based parenting support program that provides newcomer immigrant and refugee parents/caregivers with information and support on parenting in a Canadian context, including access to relevant resources and services.

Play-based Early Childhood Education sessions are led by a Home Visitor for children 0-6 years of age, with parents, during a zoom session (or in-person when in-person visits are safe again). Elements of these sessions aim to promote the health and development of children, promote nutrition, physical activity, and healthy weights, and promote the positive mental health of the children.


Mothergoose serves immigrant parents with children 0-18 months and aims to successfully support positive parent-child relationships, learning, and development. This program addresses the needs of new parents & infants in a culturally supportive, safe, and welcoming approach.

One of our participants, Fawzia, says “I feel more comfortable when my kids ask me to play with them. I am more open to listen and observe their needs.”

For more information about our Children and Family Programs, visit our Programs Calendar, or contact us.